A Friend's Wedding Pictures
Kevin and Mary's New Car!

(Well, new to them, at least)

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Kevin has been a best friend of mine since high school, I had to do something to celebrate his wedding. I've gotten a bit of a repuation among my group of friends for coming up with ingenious pranks. I have a strict code about causing no harm or offense, just surprise and a bit of humor.

He's a doctor, and has a brand-new company car. I knew he'd go ballistic if I decorated it. Besides that, he knew better than to drive it to the wedding, so how would I cope?

So, I bought a car for him. It cost $160 and it barely ran, but it made it to the wedding. All the neighbor kids helped decorate, as well as various other friends of ours. I parked it in front, and everyone who came to the wedding got to sign it with the paint pens.

It was a roaring success. Everyone loved it, including (most importantly) the bride and groom, who were flabbergasted at the elaborate decorations and in-joke inscriptions.

Writing on the Car at the wedding
On trunk lid, the major contributors
All the kids in the Neighborhood helped out.
The Bride seeing the Wuvmobile for the first time
The hood, in orange day-glow
Kevin had to revise his original thought that the car was all 'his'.
The trunk lid, with pictures of the things he loves doing.

Like the Gold Bumper and Hubcaps?
A universal excuse for not taking out the garbage (or any other chore).
Dont' believe the price on the windshield. I negotiated down to $160!
The 'WuvMobile' title comes from "The Princess Bride", a speech by the lisping minister, "Wuv, Twoooo Wuvvvv, ...."

The Bride and Groom

The last view of the "Wuvmobile" before it's final resting place...

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