My home page picture was taken in North Carolina at Linville Falls, below (I think - I saw about 10 waterfalls that trip).
It was a warm but comfortable September day. The waterfall is actually quite fast and big, but it's not all visible in this picture.  Most of the drop is behind the left rock-front, going down a whitewater tube visible from a small area only on the left.  The upper section of the waterfall had a sharply V'd valley with only a few accesses down from the path to the water.

The rocks were about half dry plateaus and half wet moss-covered whitewater-enshrouded, with some quiescent pools along the way. In these pools, dark undergrowth waving slowly indicated lush (and insanely slippery) moss. 

There sat, on the partly-dry edge of precipice, with their feet dangling, 3 idiots. 

About 150 feet to the bottom, an agoraphobic-nightmare, lush, verdant whole-valley forest view in front, rushing water on all sides.  I'm adventurous by nature, but there is such a thing as stupidity. I saw it. 

Posted all around the trails nearby were signs saying, "12 people died right here - don't wade in!!" (yes, literally).  Yet, there they were. They got up, waded though the pools, splashed at each other, then got back to the path and climbed out. Safely. 

God protects fools. 


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