Virtual Pet Pebble

by Kevin Jeffrey Rice
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Adopt a Virtual Pet Pebble today!  Care for it.  Love it!

Not everyone can have a Pet Pebble, much a virtual one.  Having a pet is a big responsibility.  It's a good thing there are different levels of responsibility for different pets:

It's Easier Yet to have a Virtual Pet Pebble!

You can have your Virtual Pet Pebble do tricks!

Adopt a Pet Pebble Today!  All it takes is wandering outside, staring at the ground for a couple of minutes.  This of course presumes you're not at sea, in an airplane, in space, or blind.  Find a suitable candidate, talk to it a while, get to know it, and if you're compatible, adopt it.

Guaranteed to be a Low Maintenance Pet!  Feed and Water your pet once per Millenium, or more often as your time permits.  Enjoy your Virtual Pet Pebble!

Your Virtual Pet Pebble may seem inanimate, but there's really a heart of gold hiding inside [ Not Literally!  Plese don't Harm your Pet Pebble by forcing mitosis on him! (that's a biology joke - non-biologists, just ignore it) ]

Can we be so nearsighted that we would consider this, one of God's own creations, etched out over the course of Millions of Years, to be less than a perfect version of itself?  Much more than that, it is a Virtual Pebble, merely a representation of a real pebble, or an idea of a pebble we hold in our minds.  This ability, this creation we hold in our imagination, is what makes it a Virtual Pet!

Is this wonderful thing, this thing of beauty, this joy Forevermore, anything less than its own ideal form of itself? No! It is perfectly at one with it's own existence! It has achieved perfect nirvana, understanding of itself and it's limitations and beauties. Please, take the time to contemplate the beauty of this pet. Name it; it's yours. Make it your Pride and Joy!

Show this page to your friends and let them experience the wonder of it all!

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