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The following pictures are from the same paris trip as before (one weekend in length).

Picture 1: The Notre Dame Cathedral:  outside view
Picture 2: The Notre Dame Cathedral:  inside view, sunny day
Picture 3: The Notre Dame Cathedral:  night view of front, me being partially transparent
Picture 4: The Notre Dame Cathedral:  night view of front
Picture 5: The Notre Dame Cathedral:  night view inside of mass

View from the front of Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Interior, sunny day.  Don't try pictures like this without a tripod or somewhere to set your camera and use the 'bulb' or 20 second exposures; it's just too dim.

A church built for very, very tall people.

An experimental shot.  I set the camera on a bench, set it for 1 minute exposure (ASA 100 I think), and turned on the flash.  I stood in front for the flash but then stepped out of the way.

Notice the building that shows through me at about my waistline (as well as the lights).


Same shot, 30 second exposure, without me in the shot.

They said it was possible to climb up to the top of the left hand (north) tower and take a tour up there, but I didn't do it.

Sunday night mass, the place was full.  I didn't stick around to hear the mass in French; my french isn't that good and I'm not Catholic, but mostly I just didn't feel like it.  Another day I might have.

View from the Hotel room window, towards the North West, in the early morning.  All the buildings look like this, more or less.

View from the same hotel window, the same morning, towards the North East.

Paris, random street scene.  Rainy day.  No, I don't know these people, I just took a picture down the street.  It's some time in January of 1998.

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