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Who are the Jaycees?  (my web page describing Jaycees, what we do and who we are)

This page lists some Jaycee documents I've created or found interesting.

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Note: USJCC = United States Junior Chamber of Commerce, the national Jaycees organization.

Palatine Jaycees Millenium Assistance Project

convention.html:  Jaycees going to the 1996 National Convention in Des Moines were to get this handout.

ftcpg.html: This is a preliminary Chairman's Planning Guide (CPG) for the First Timer's training session at the national convention in Des Moines.  It's a pretty good example of a preliminary CPG, in that the version here is what was presented to the Iowa Jaycees board of directors in (?March 97?). The project was a success, by the way; we had over 100 people there I think. Eric Casebolt, the chairman, did a bang-up great job of it!

arttour.html:   Chairman's Planning Guide (CPG) for the Des Moines, Iowa Jaycees project of a tour of our Art Center.  A small project but fun.  The CPG is quite complete and might be a good example to give to someone as something to copy when they're doing their first CPG.

art_ad.html:   Advertisement (handout circular) for the Des Moines, Iowa Jaycees project. Distributed at General Membership Meeting of Des Moines Jaycees October 6th, 1997. It got some good comments for creativity.

Who are the Jaycees?  (my web page re: who Jaycees are and what we do)

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