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Good friends of mine from Ann Arbor, and myself.


My Grandmother.  Helluva fine cook!

My Grandpa.  1908 - 1998.  He lived on the same section of land his entire life, and could quote his wheat harvest numbers (bushels to the acre, total number of bushels, price per bushel) from the early 1930's to his last year's harvest.  He never lived on borrowed money, ever, and told me once that if I never had debt I'd be forever rich, even if I only had 5 cents, at least I wouldn't owe it to anyone.

He once had me toss a quarter in the air - he shot it, in the air, on the first try, with a .22 rifle.

Me.  Less than perfectly flattering picture, but then I thought I'd throw it in.

If you ever want to call someone a Horse's Ass, you can do it now, and tie in this link to this picture to illustrate your point.

This was part of a mural reproduction of a freize on the Arc de Triumphe.  I thought having a picture of a horse's ass was altogether too classic a picture to have so I snapped & scanned it.

I was in Tuscon a while back and this picture was handy.  It's a monastary that's really famous.  So famous I forget the name - Santa ---- something.  Kinda cool.

Windsor Jaycees President and promo board.

Windsor Ontario Canada Jaycees President, again, with Jaycees creed.

The Jaycees Creed says:  "We believe: That faith in god gives meaning and purpose to human life; that the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations; that economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise; that earths's great treasure lies in human personality; and that service to humanity is ther best work of life."

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