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I wrote these papers in 1990 as part of a class in World Religions at Hamline University in St. Paul, MN. I was working full time, and took the class for fun. It wasn't even necessary for my major. But, I couldn't stand the idea of getting through college and not having taken a course like this, to know a little bit about the world's major religions.

The professor was Dr. Steven Derfler, a great teacher, entertaining, motivating, and inspirational. I very much enjoyed this class.

I'm putting these papers on the web because I feel like it and no other reason. I have no ulterior motive except thinking what I say in them is kinda cool and I don't mind sharing it with other people. Of course, I'd like to think they're reasonably entertaining, too. If not, my humble apologies, but then again, you get what you pay for on the web!


-- Kevin Rice (3/1/2001)




Paper Title Question Filename

Sept 25

Me and Ms. Brinkley: A Quest For Life What is "Being Religious" REL_a_Brinkley.htm
2 Oct 2 On the Run from the Thought Police Hinduism bases itself on the wants of mankind. Is this enough to be called a religion?" REL_b_thoughtpolice.htm
3 Oct 9 Buddhist Porsche Sales 1990: A Marketing Study Can Buddhism, as either a philosophy of life or a religion, survive in the West? REL_c_bporsche.htm

Oct 16

Rude Trees 1 of 2: What is the difference between Pure Land Buddhism and Zen Buddhism? 2 of 2: What is the sound of one hand clapping? REL_d_rudetrees.htm
5 Oct 23 Sowing the Royal Oats: Back to Basics on a Royal Outing Explain the Story "The Wise Tender of Horses" From a Taoist perspective. REL_e_sewroyaloats.htm
6 Oct 30 A Lobster Lover's Report Card Pick a section of the Text and explain it as (1) a way of life, (2) a system of communications, and (3) a code of law. I choose: Deuteronomy 11. REL_f_lobsterlover.htm
7 Nov 6 No Paper No Paper  
8 Nov 13 Two Sides of the Same Koan Is Catholicism Confining or Liberating? REL_h_samekoan.htm
9 Nov 20 A Saintly Flying Dove Statue in Texas: A Communications/Continuum Conundrum Is Iconography Idolatry? REL_i_saintly.htm
10 Nov 27 Bearing Fair Witness to Lavender Houses Is Protestantism Still a Protest Movement? REL_j_lavender.htm
11 Dec 4 Saints and Road Apples: A Cantankerous Paragon

Define the Role of Mohammed

12 Dec 11 (13th) Of Waterbeds and Mystics: Mosaics of the Spirit What Does Being Religious Mean to Me (revisited)? REL_l_waterbeds.htm
13 Dec 18 (20th) Analyzing and Justifying the Islamic Faith: A Logic-Based Perspective Term Paper REL_m_Islamterm.htm

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