Kevin J. Rice



2500 Behan Rd., Crystal Lake, IL 60014


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Software engineer with B.S.C.S. and 20+ years experience doing highly technical client/server architecture and development over the full software life cycle, primarily in Python, Perl, and C.




INDUSTRIES:  Financials / Markets, Construction accounting, Capital Markets (Risk), Retail, Credit, Consumer Electronics, Military, Education, Petrochemical, Insurance, Telecom, HR,  Publishing.


APPLICATIONS: Timeseries/monitoring, Financials (FINRA / OATS, FIX protocol), E-Commerce, Web infrastructure, CGI Web Development, Web Page Design, Internet Security, Embedded real-time systems, Consumer Electronics, Telecom, Industrial Control Systems, Turbomachinery, Web-Based Recruiting, Software Configuration Management (SCM == version control tools & processes), cryptography.


PLATFORMS: Linux (RHEL/Centos, Ubuntu), Windows (all), AIX, Solaris, HP/UX, Embedded, AS/400


LANGUAGES: Python, Perl, C, C# .NET, Java, VBA/Excel, C++, Cobol, SQL, HTML, Ada, Assembler, Lisp, Pascal


DATABASES: MongoDB, Memcache, Postgres, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, Informix, DB2, MS SQL Server, MS Access, Paradox, Foxpro, ODBC, Vax/VMS RDB, Lotus Notes.


NETWORKING:  Ethernet, sockets, DHCP, TCP/IP, POP3, PPP, cabling, firewalls, security, routers, NAT, Internet protocols, authentication & authorization, SSL / TLS.


DEVELOPMENT TOOLS:  Git, SVN, CVS, PVCS, SourceSafe;  JQuery, CSS, Eclipse, Visual Studio


OTHER SOFTWARE:  Django, Graphite, Twisted, Robot Testing Frameworks, WebWare for Python, Pylons, LAMP, Mod_Perl, Apache, BBThreads, Dreamweaver, Frontpage, MS Office, Star Office, JMX, Awk, Korn / Bourne (bash) Shell, C-Shell, Make, sed, emacs, Unix shell scripting, vi, Vax VMS DCL & VMS utilities, Norbert DOD, PGP, Roguewave.



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B.S., Computer Science, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, 1992

PROJECT EXPERIENCE for Kevin J. Rice (contact information below):


Senior Software Engineer, / (Consultant)                 4/2012 to current, 3 years


For infrastructure systems monitoring, re-architected and enhanced the metrics collection and storage system to add data warehousing capabilities and improve responsiveness.  Now handles 4 million metrics / minute from 4500+ servers.  Led team to start using TDD / Agile.  Created software and support systems in Python to store data in a MongoDB database and Memcache backend, and access it via Django / Graphite.  Did extensive analysis and optimization of configuration and code using MongoDB.  Environment:  Linux, Python, MongoDB, Twisted, Graphite, Ceres, Django, Memcache.  


Software Engineer, Nokia Corporation (Consultant)

8/2011 to 4/2012, 9 months


For the Navteq division of Nokia, created Python libraries used by Robot Framework test scripts.  Created complex scripts automating a test suite to exercise newly-developed Java code exposed via JMX and other non-Java backend components.  Environment:  Linux, Python, Perl, Windows 7 Python, Robot Testing Framework, JMX. 


Lead Trade Support Analyst, Citadel Corporation

6/2010 to 8/2011, 1 year


For a large hedge fund trading desk handling 6% of the U.S. Equities and Options market, developed and enhanced automation for trading desk applications and back-end systems.  Debugging, troubleshooting code handling FIX Protocol lines; monitoring, system support, and maintenance; designed and built automated systems to process and monitor trading systems.  Set up new FIX lines and certified new clients.  Rewrote compliance FINRA OATS processing of equities flow.  Designed and built several internal websites (Django and CGI), enhanced many pages.  Mostly coded in Perl and Python, heavy interaction with Sybase (DBD::Sybase), some ksh/bash shell scripting. 


Environment:  Linux, Python, Perl, Windows 7, Sybase, FIX, OATS, Django, ksh, bash, financials.


Senior Software Engineer / Architect, Textura Corporation

2/2005 to 5/2010, 5 years


For a construction documents- and payments-processing startup, was employee #5 (now 80+).  Designed, built large portions of the app in a small team, working closely with business analysts.  App featured document e-signing, ACH payments processing, and business portal (B2B) in an ASP (application service provider) model.  Python language, SQL and ORM database.  Development was highly Agile (weekly releases) using TDD (test-driven development).


·         Did architecture, design, and coding on many major feature deployments;

·         Extensive use of SQLObject & SQLAlchemy ORMs (like Hibernate) to Postgres database, with complex SQL queries when needed for optimization;

·         Heavy OO design, development, incl. business analysis, coding, data conversion, and deployments;

·         Fitnesse (functional) and Nose (unit) testing frameworks (similar to JUnit);

·         Apache / Python / Postgres;  some Linux (Ubuntu and Redhat) system administration, documentation.


Lead Application Developer, BankOne / JP Morgan Chase

4/2002 to 1/2005, 3 years



Senior Software Architect / Developer, Consultant

Various Companies in Des Moines, Iowa and Chicago, Illinois

5/1993 to 4/2002, 9 years