Kevin J. Rice



2500 Behan Rd., Crystal Lake, IL 60014


Cell: (847) 845-RICE   (847) 845-7423





B.S.C.S. software engineer with 25+ years doing highly technical client/server architecture and development over the full software life cycle, primarily in Python, Perl, and C.




PRIMARY LANGUAGES: Python (14 years), Perl (5 years), C (10 years)


ANCILLARY LANGUAGES: C# .NET (1 yr), Java (1 yr), VBA, C++, Cobol, SQL, Ada, Assembler, Lisp


PLATFORMS: Linux (RHEL, Ubuntu), Windows (all), AWS, Mac OS X, AIX, Solaris, HP/UX, Embedded, AS/400


DATABASES: MongoDB (6+ yrs), MySQL (6+ yrs), Postgres (7 yrs), Oracle, Sybase, Informix, DB2, Cassandra, MS SQL Server, Memcache, Redis, MS Access, Paradox, Foxpro, ODBC, Vax/VMS RDB.


NETWORKING:  Ethernet, sockets, DHCP, TCP/IP, POP3, PPP, cabling, firewalls, security, load balancers, routers, NAT, Internet protocols, authentication & authorization, SSL / TLS.


DEVELOPMENT TOOLS:  Git, SVN, CVS, PVCS, ClearCase, SourceSafe, JQuery, CSS, VSCode, Eclipse, Visual Studio, SonarCube, Jenkins


OTHER SOFTWARE:  Flask, Django, Pytest, Graphite, OpenNMS, Splunk, Twisted, Nginx, Apache, F5 Load Balancers (NTPd, Robot Testing Frameworks, WebWare for Python, Pylons, LAMP, Mod_Perl,  BBThreads, Dreamweaver, Frontpage, MS Office, JMX, Awk, Korn / Bourne (bash) Unix shell scripting, Make, sed, emacs, vi, Vax VMS DCL & VMS utilities, Norbert DOD, PGP, Roguewave, Lawson.


INDUSTRIES:  Retail, Financials / Markets, Construction accounting, Capital Markets (Risk), Credit, Consumer Electronics, Military, Education, Petrochemical, Insurance, Telecom, HR, Publishing.


APPLICATIONS: Timeseries/monitoring, Financials (FINRA / OATS, FIX protocol), E-Commerce, micro-services, infrastructure, front-end web development, internet security InfoSec, embedded real-time systems, consumer electronics, telecom, industrial control systems, turbomachinery, web-based recruiting, version control tools & processes, cryptography.




·         Standard resume with summary info:

·         Employment History:


B.S., Computer Science, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, 1992



Senior Developer, PNC Bank, Pittsburgh/Remote (Indotronix, Consulting)   8/2019 to current (~1 yr)

·         Python arch / dev / maintenance on Django app to automate DevOps server provisioning tools into in-house datacenters.

·         Environment:  Python, Django, MongoDB, MySQL, Git, Agile, VSCode, Python 3.6


Senior Software Engineer, Bank of America (Apex Consulting)                        8/2018 to 8/2019 (1 yr)

·         Python-based architecture/development / maintenance on capital markets deal aggregation processes

·         Environment: Custom Python DB, custom BofA toolsets (“Quartz”/”QzDev”) and databases (“Sandra”), Agile, Python3.7 conversion.


Senior Software Engineer, Engine Group, Inc.                 3/2018 to 8/2018 (6 months)

·         Python2.7 and Python3.7 lambda functions; business analysis & specifications, doc-writing; infrastructure & InfoSec / security analysis.

·         AWS lambda diagnosis, some Bamboo, MySQL, NodeJS, Git, Mac/Brew configuration


Principal Software Engineer, Sears Holdings, Inc.  (Contract-to-Hire)   4/2012 to 2/18, 6 yrs

·         Python Devops arch/design/coding/maint of large-scale monitoring systems used corporation-wide;

·         Architect and technical team lead for team of 8 developers

·         Scalability: enhanced from gathering 1M to 15M metrics/minute incl. Enterprise-wide metrics collection, storage, display;

·         Created new MongoDB (v. 2.4 to v.3.4+) data warehouse accessible via Django / Graphite. 

·         Sat on 25-person corporate infra architecture committee, incl. SHC migration to AWS;

·         Environment:  Linux, Python, MongoDB, Flask, Kafka, Git, Twisted, Nginx, Graphite, Ceres, OpenNMS, Splunk, Django, F5, Cassandra.  Some Windows/Aix/Solaris.

·         [ Contract consultant for 3 years, full-time employee 3 years ]


Software Engineer, Nokia / Navteq Garmin (Consultant)            8/2011 to 4/2012, 9 months

·         Created Python libraries used by Robot Framework test scripts;

·         Created complex QA automation - test suites exercising newly-developed code (Java JMX & others);

·         Environment:  Linux, Python, Perl, Win32 Python, Robot Testing Framework, JMX, svn. 


Lead Trade Support Analyst, Citadel Corporation                             6/2010 to 8/2011, 1 year

·         Trading desk support operations role (handled 6% of the U.S. equities and options markets;

·         Perl and Python development/design of trading desk automation incl. troubleshooting FIX protocol lines and backoffice systems & processes;

·         Setup new FIX lines and certified new clients dataflow;

·         Rewrote compliance FINRA OATS processing of equities flow;

·         Built several internal websites (Python Django & mod_perl) using Sybase;

·         Environment:  Linux, Python, Perl, Windows 7, Sybase, FIX, OATS, Django, ksh, bash, svn, capital markets, financials.


Senior Software Engineer / Architect, Textura Corporation            2/2005 to 5/2010, 5 years

·         Employee #5 of now-publicly-listed 200+ employee construction industry corp doing B2B ASP / SAAS;

·         Python architecture, design, coding of large portions of the main app in a small team, working closely with business analysts;

·         Highly Agile weekly releases using TDD (test-driven development) unit and functional tests;

·         Extensive use of SQLObject & SQLAlchemy ORMs (like Hibernate) connected to Postgres database, with hand-coding complex SQL queries when needed for optimization;

·         Heavy OO design, development, incl. business analysis, coding, data conversion, and deployments;

·         Fitnesse (functional) and Nose (unit) testing frameworks (similar to JUnit);

·         Linux (Ubuntu and Redhat) system administration, documentation;

·         Environment:  Linux, Python, Postgres, Apache, SQLAlchemy, ACH payments, E-signing, automated legal docs, sysadmin, svn, RHEL, TDD Agile, Construction.


Lead Application Developer, BankOne JP Morgan Chase               4/2002 to 1/2005, 3 years

·         Architected / developed Capital Markets Risk financials data warehouse;

·         Reports and dataflows went to primary users of CEO Jamie Dimon & JPMC Board of Directors;

·         Technical team lead for 5 developers on project;

·         Wrote 40,000 lines of Perl to scan 350+ file types & load data into Sybase (migrated to Oracle);

·         Developed 2000+ lines of VBA & 3000+ lines of complex SQL to extract data into Excel reports;

·         Wrote 2000+ lines Visual Studio .NET C# code for misc. support functions tying in other project;

·         Extensive capital markets options & derivatives data handling of greeks data;

·         Co-sponsored Bank’s MS .Net User Group; mentored;

·         Put Linux/Perl open-source into Bank’s mainstream;

·         Environment: Solaris, Windows, Apache mod_perl, Win32 OLE, SiteMinder, Capital Markets financials.



Senior Software Architect / Developer, Consultant
(Various Companies in Des Moines, Iowa and Chicago, Illinois)  5/1993 to 4/2002, 9 years


·         Created Single-Sign-On-enabled secure web sessions so UBS clients could buy bonds online;

·         Created version control tools for’s 140+ person dev team, eased a QA nightmare (circa 1999);

·         Automated a stock exchange clearinghouse’s data entry process, reduced 2.5 headcounts;

·         Discovered $250M savings for Sears Credit Card through improved credit scoring;

·         Implemented IBM’s Net.Commerce, got online faster w/ increased efficiency;

·         Helped more college students afford loans w/ Student Loan app to show predicted loan payments;

·         Created publisher’s magazine subscription website, vastly increased international subscriptions (CGI in C, Java, and even Cobol!);

·         Created conversion programs to close down a pharma company after a merger;

·         Coding, QA, documentation, and other technical project work at several other locations.

·         Real-time embedded C PID controller for turbocompressor gas pipeline (2 yrs., fulltime)

·         Sysadmin for defense contractor Logicon for Ft. Leavenworth War College BCTP worldwide, 1 yr.

·         Environments:  Perl, C, C++, Java, Cobol, Solaris, Windows, Linux, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, MySQL.



·         Member, Chicago InfraGard InfoSec group since 2017

·         Have traveled to (& eaten in) 22 countries and 46 US states.