Kevin J. Rice Employment History Summary


2500 Behan Rd., Crystal Lake IL 60014, (847) 845-7423


Job Title

Company (with consulting company or ‘employee’ in Parens)




PNC Bank, Inc. (Indotronix Corp., Consulting)

DevOps automated server creation and deployment.  Python 3.6

8/2018 to current

1 year


Bank of America, Inc. (Apex Consulting, Inc.)

Capital markets data analysis and warehousing.  Python 2.7 and Python 3.7

8/2018 to 8/2018

1 year


Engine Media, Inc. (employee)

Python development and business analysis, advertising industry

3/2018 to 8/2018

6 months

Principal Soft. Engineer

Sears Holdings, Inc. /  (employee)

Collection, Data warehousing of system health metrics.  Python, Linux

7/2014 to 4/2018

3 years


Sears Holdings, Inc. / (Computech / CES)

Collection, Data warehousing of system health metrics.  Python, Linux

4/2012 to 7/2014

3 years


Navteq / Nokia, Inc. (Insight Global, Inc.)

Test automation for traffic data.  Python, Linux

8/2011 to 4/2012

9 months

Sr. Trade Desk Analyst

Citadel Corporation (employee)                  

Hedge fund trade desk support & automation.  Perl, Python, Linux

6/2010 to 8/2011

1 year

Architect / Developer

Textura Corporation (employee) (a.k.a. Textura, LLC)

Construction industry ASP doing B2B ACH. Python, Linux, SQL

2/2005 to 5/2010

5 years

Application Developer

Bank One/ JPMorgan Chase, Inc. (employee)

Financials Data Warehouse/reporting. Perl/Oracle/Sybase, SQL, Linux, Win32. 

4/2002 to 2/2005

3 years


UBS Warburg (Interactive Business Systems IBS)

Web Security: Single-Sign-On, OO Perl

4/2001 to 12/2001

7 months


CNA Commercial Insurance (Maxim)

Discussion Board: Perl/Apache/Oracle, Java components for reporting.

1/2001 to 4/2001

3 months


Citadel Investments, Inc. (Synectics)

Migration to new C++ compiler version: Solaris

11/2000 to 12/2000

2 months


Chicago Stock Exchange (IBS)

Data flow automation in C / Vax VMS

7/2000 to 11/2000

4 months


Sears, Roebuck (Synectics)

SCM / version control automation for Perl/Solaris/Linux

9/1999 to 7/2000

10 months


Van Kampen, Inc. (Intellimark) visitor tracking system in C (NSAPI)

8/1999 to 9/1999

1 months


Sears, Roebuck (Intellimark & Acxiom)

Sears Card credit scoring system upgrade in C

1/1999 to 7/1999

7 months


Interim Technology (in-house project)

New corp. division setup, recruiting website in C/ColdFusion

7/1998 to 12/1998

5 months


Kemper Insurance (Keane)

Insurance database apps in C, Cobol on HP/UX

5/1998 to 7/1998

3 months


Ciber, Inc (in-house project) enhancement in C, SQL, HTML, etc.

3/1998 to 5/1998

3 months

Consultant (Computer Task Group CTG, IBM)

C++ and C database-connectivity components

10/1997 to 2/1998

5 months


Iowa Student Loan Liquidity (CTG)

Student Financial Aid Office app in Visual Foxpro

5/1997 to 9/1997

5 months


Communications Data Services (CTG)

Magazine subscription website (major): C/DB2/Solaris

3/1997 to 5/1997

3 months


Microware [div. of Motorola] (CTG)

QA on consumer electronics email device

1/1997 to 3/1997

3 months


Systemed Pharmacy / Merck (CTG)

Data migration after corp. merger in Cobol/Powerhouse/SQL

6/1996 to 1/1997

6 months


Equitable of Iowa Insurance (CTG)

CTI telephony app & reporting engine in C

4/1996 to 6/1996

3 months

Software Engineer

Croyle & Assoc. (employee)

CTI telephone-switch application in C/Xbase

5/1995 to 11/1995

6 months

Software Engineer

Compressor Controls (employee)

Realtime petrochemical turbocompressor controls in C

7/1993 to 5/1995

2 years

Software Technician

Logicon Tech. Svcs & US Army War College (employee)

Battle simulation software programming & support in C

6/1992 to 7/1993

1 year


Lawson Associates  / Lawson Software, Inc. (employee)

Data entry tool for accounts payable & receivable.  C, Paradox RDBMS

summer ’89 & ‘91, 1/90-1/91

18 months

Developer Intern

Analysts International Corp. AIC (employee)

QA testing, analysis on application generator, some Cobol



6 months