Student Sexuality Memorandum

Provided by:  Kevin J. Rice

( at


To:        All Residents

From:     J.R. Pearson Resident Hall Director

Subject:  Sexual Practices in the Dorms

It has come to my attention that certain dormitory residents are participating in sexual practices not in conformation with University policy. 

Official University of Kansas Policy governing sexual activities occurring in student dormitory rooms state specifically that residents "...shall not, through accident or intent, use the property of The University of Kansas to facilitate any sexual act." This applies to both residents and any guests of residents.

Said property includes sleep/sit units, bunk beds, sheets, pillows, desks, lamps, chairs, or any other furniture furnished by the University of Kansas/Association of University Residence Halls.  Sexual activities are defined as those both legal and illegal under Kansas state law, and include fellatio, sexual intercourse, anal and oral sex, and any sadistic or maschoistic behavior associated with any of the them.

Penalties for these activities shall be imposed by the hall director (myself) and shall include reenactment of the act for benefit of photographic record, with both myself and suitable legal advisors present, and confiscation of any items used.  Any act illegal under Kansas law will then be prosecuted independently by KPUD.  All acts legal in Kansas but not in conformance with rules outlined here may be prosecuted with varying intensity, depending upon the severity of the act.

If this policy doesn't concern you, please ignore this notice.  If it does, take care to abide by it or face the consequences.


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